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The Groundsman (2013)

The Groundsman

The Groundsman is a BAFTA award winning short film produced by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Written & Directed by Jonny Blair, Starring David O'Hara. The film depicts a lonely football groundsman named Keith (O'Hara) who finds out his club has gone out of business, but instead of moving on with his life and acknowledging his past affairs, he tries his utmost to keep the club running.

Starring - David O'Hara, Brian McCardie, Jim Sweeney, Darran Lightbody, Sean Brown
Cinematographer - Andrew Wright
Editor - Conor Meechan
Production Designer - Annie McCredie
Costume Designer - Kate Dalzell
Score - Alexander Horowitz
Producer - Kenny MacKay
Executive Producer - Adam McIlwaine, Paddy Higson

Written & Directed - Jonny Blair