Selected works as a composer - operas, song cycles, instrumental works, and soundtracks for film and games.


Toi Toi Toi

Soprano, Baritone, String Quartet - 60’

Text: Jenny Knotts

“The economy's in tatters! What's an Opera graduate to do in times of strife? Sing for her supper? This comic opera follows Lizzie and John as they try to make it in a cash-strapped world. But will they get the funds? Will the show go ahead? Or will they be doomed to a life of arts admin?

With some of opera's best loved arias economically squeezed into a new score by Alexander Horowitz together with Jennifer Knotts' new libretto, this is a budget opera for the austerity age that celebrates the necessity of art - at any cost!”

The music is very well-written and fits the genre perfectly. Composer Alexander Horowitz blends original score with classic operas to great effect, and it is often difficult to recognise the changes between the two. Use of famous themes from the likes of Verdi, Rossini and, most recognisably, Mozart, is a great addition for opera buffs and will no doubt further improve the viewing experience.
— Broadway Baby
The music synthesises themes from many favourite operas, and it is a particularly enjoyable surprise when the overture from The Marriage of Figaro merges seemlessly into an all-too-brief flash of The Bridal Chorus. In this way it forms the operatic equivalent of a jukebox musical, with all the greatest hits laid out - by string quartet.
— The Skinny

One Day This Will Be Long Ago

Soprano, Baritone, Chamber Ensemble - 15’

Text: Jenny Knotts

“Far away, in a forgotten room, we stumble upon a scene already in progress, intensely private, seemingly mundane, yet utterly captivating. It is a scene that will continue long after the audience leaves. An opera inspired by quiet moments. This is how life sounds when you really listen.”


In The Jungle

Mezzo-Soprano, Piano

Text: Alexander Horowitz


On The Farm

Mezzo-Soprano, Piano - 25’

Text: Alexander Horowitz


Five Short Songs

Baritone, Piano - 8’

Text: Sam Garland


String Quartet

String Quartet - 16’

Premièred by the Maxwell Quartet at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, UK.


Amish Weaving Machine

Bass Clarinet, Piano - 3’

Premièred by Red Note Ensemble at City Halls, Glasgow, UK.



Bb Clarinet, Piano - 6’

Premièred by Jen Anderson at University of Colorado Boulder, United States.



Alto Flute, Viola, Contrabass - 4’30”

Premièred by Red Note Ensemble at City Halls, Glasgow, UK.



The Groundsman is a BAFTA award winning short film produced by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Written & Directed by Jonny Blair, Starring David O'Hara. The film depicts a lonely football groundsman named Keith (O'Hara) who finds out his club has gone out of business, but instead of moving on with his life and acknowledging his past affairs, he tries his utmost to keep the club running.



A hotel launderer develops a fantasy relationship with a man whose clothes she tends to.

  • Winner of a 2010 Royal Television Society (Scotland) Award for 'Best Fiction'.

  • Nominated for BAFTA New Talent Award 2011 for 'Best Original Music'.






Connected, but alone



Original soundtrack for the video game, Cullr.