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Time-warping 2D puzzle-platformer.

Sound Designer & Composer.

In Daridact, you play as a robot sent to investigate a broken down research facility. All attempts to communicate with the facility have failed, so a Non-Autonomous Robot Mechanic, or N.A.R.M., has been sent in to discover the problem. Upon arrival of the planet, N.A.R.M. is cut off from communication with home base.

Unfortunately, the problems with the facility are a bit temporal, and N.A.R.M. is unknowingly trapped in a time loop. Being a robot, these issues don't really matter, what matters is the mission: investigate the facility, discover the issue, and fix the problem.

Daridact is a puzzle platformer centred around time control and using time 'clones' to beat levels. When a player goes back in time, a time paradox version of the player does exactly what the player just did. Visit to find out more.